Notion for Enterprise

One tool for your entire company to share knowledge, ship projects, and collaborate.

Keeping teams of tens and thousands connected

Greater productivity

Build custom workflows so everyone can focus on getting more done with unmatched flexibility. Then connect all your teams in one shared space for seamless collaboration.

More efficiency

Spend less time sending email, searching for information, and jumping between tools. Share resources and project updates across teams so work is always moving forward.

Total transparency

Maintain a single source of truth for important company announcements, policies, and strategic decisions. Rally teams around the same goals and keep everyone in the know.

Solving problems for every team


Turn ideas into execution

Coordinate launches across teams

Ship all projects on time and keep the backlog prioritized. Collaborate with engineering and design in the same tool.

Make better decisions

Connect insights from user research, data, and feature requests. Visualize your product roadmap, collect feedback, and stay aligned on long-term goals.


Ship faster

Clear processes for complex systems

Keep triage rotation, infrastructure docs, and code guidelines in the same place. Stop doing duplicative work and spend more time building things.

Keep sprints running smoothly

Track feature development across all engineering teams. See who’s building what and deliverable dates at a glance. Stay flexible with changing priorities.


Create a holistic user experience

All assets easy to find and up to date

Make logos, fonts, and guides available to everyone. No more confusing out-of-date versions to wade through. Build one design system across the company.

Iterate quickly with total context

Manage projects using a single board, with all your specs, prototypes, and project kickoffs linked to their relevant tasks.

Human Resources

Build a transparent company culture

Create a company wiki

Design an employee handbook that answers all the questions. Keep all important company docs — mission statement, values, benefits policies — in one place.

Grow your team with quality

Hire new employees with consistent processes. Manage job descriptions, interview guidelines, and day one checklists as the company scales.

Connect more teams, too

Notion is a flexible workspace for every function.


  • Build a flexible CRM
  • Organize all meeting notes
  • Share a single playbook


  • Make a style guide
  • Track your content calendar
  • Keep tabs on everything


  • Answer questions at scale
  • Track user feedback
  • Keep up on product changes

Start building with the APIBeta

Create powerful workflows by connecting Notion to your most important tools.

Enterprise-ready security

Notion is committed to staying compliant and providing you all the features you need to manage access across your organization.

SOC2 compliant
TLS everywhere
Data encryption in transit and at rest
Quarterly independent security audits
100% cloud-based architecture secured behind a VPC
SAML single sign on
Granular permission levels

Less overhead, more collaboration

Companies using Notion are more efficient across the board.

98%of users saved time
26%less emails sent and received
70%of users replaced 2+ tools
32%faster project completion

An enterprise plan to succeed at scale

More control and more support to run your company.

Dedicated success manager

Your own customer success manager to help onboard large teams and create custom workflows. Reserved for teams larger than 100 paying annually.

Advanced permissions

Extra permission controls to prevent certain employees from sharing pages externally, disable guests, and set workspace-level rules.

Custom contracting

We’ll work with you to create a custom contract and payment via PO/invoice.

Unlimited version history

Access version history of any page indefinitely, not just 30 days.


Automate user provisioning and management. Create, remove, add, update, or retrieve any user or group.

Bulk PDF export

Export all of your content at once as PDFs. Handy for legal or compliance backups.

Tell us about your specific needs

We’ll work with you on your setup and help you land on the best plan for your company.

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