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In Notion, you can easily replicate content combinations you use frequently — essentially creating your own templates within a page 🍣

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When you add a template button to a page, it prompts you fill out a very short configuration form with the content you want to replicate. This makes a button - everytime you press it, you'll create the content you configured.

For example, let's say you want to fill out the same form every day asking you what you're grateful for without re-creating it constantly. Or you want to generate the same to-do list at the start of every day. Our template button is perfect for that!

  • To add this button, hit the + that appears in the left margin on hover and scroll to find Template button. Or type /template and press enter. The below will appear:

  • Rename the button under Button name and drag the content you want to replicate into the Template section. You can also create content within this section just like you would on your page.

  • The template button is pre-formatted to demonstrate how you'd use it for to-do lists, but you can delete anything in the Template section and add your own content.

  • Drag in multiple blocks at once by selecting and dragging them all into this section. You can add headings, bullets, checkboxes, any text you want, etc.

  • You can drag whole sub-pages into the Template section of the form to replicate them and their content when you click the button.

  • Press Close at the top right of this window to close the configuration form and use the button to generate the content every time you click it.

  • Hover over your button and click ⋮⋮ in the left margin. Or click the ••• icon that appears to the right. You can also right click. All of these actions will bring up the same menu.

  • Click Delete to remove your template button entirely. You'll have to remake it to bring it back.


How do I create templates for nested content?

Nested content is any kind of content that lives inside another content block, for example: pictures and text within a page, or a to-do list within a toggle list.

  • Create some content you'd like to replicate and drag it into a page or toggle list.

  • Create a Template Button and drag the page or toggle list into the Template section of the configuration form.

  • Hit Close and drag your Template Button to the most useful location on your page.

Can I use an @-tag such as @today inside a template button?

Yes! You'll be able to specify whether you want the @-mention to input the fixed date/user, or the date/user upon duplication.

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