Notion for wikis

Notion for wikis

Your team’s long term memory, all in one spot.

Wikis are not usually fun. But Notion's design makes building one enjoyable, easy, quick, and gets more people engaged in the process.
Alex KracovHead of Marketing, Lattice
We fell in love with Notion very quickly. We started by creating knowledge bases for product and engineering, and then two weeks later everyone loved it.
Kareem ShayaEngineering Manager, Makespace
Notion's become a team-wide FAQ for us. More people can immediately find the information they need to get their work done.
William FongCTO, Boxed

Find everything easily

Document office policies, company goals, employee contact info, engineering practices — any important info — in one central location.
Folders in a filing cabinet

Simple to edit

Instantly add different types of content — lists, images, embeds, etc. Drag and drop to arrange how you’d like.

Nested pages

Nest pages infinitely to put everything in its place. No more lost one-off documents.

Collaboration keeps things fresh

Most wikis don't invite engagement. The data just sits there. Notion's built-in collaboration tools ensure your knowledge is always up-to-date.
Pages flying into a book

Comments with mentions

Mention anywhere on a page and they'll be notified. Get more done across teams and timezones.

Shared workspace

Bring everyone together in one common space, aligned and informed.

Structure that grows with you

For small teams, Notion keeps docs organized and accessible.
For large teams, advanced permissions help your wiki scale to any size.
Books ordered from smallest to largest

Share your work

Share individual pages with external guests, or the entire web - you set the level of access.

One hub for all your tools

Embed 500+ apps inside Notion pages. Make your wiki a single source of truth that brings all your work together.

Try Notion today

Get started for free, then add your whole team.

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Safe & secure

Notion is committed to staying compliant and providing you all the features you need to manage access across your organization.

SOC2 compliant
TLS everywhere
Data encryption in transit and at rest
Quarterly independent security audits
100% cloud-based architecture secured behind a VPC
SAML single sign onEnterprise
SCIM APIEnterprise
Granular permission levelsEnterprise
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